Dej Bupawon

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Dej Bupawon

Mr. Dej Bupawon is partner and one of the “back bones” of our Thai German law-firm. The 60-year-old litigation lawyer is not only a competent advisor to our clients in civil and commercial area, but also the person if it comes to controversial negotiation or even litigation.

Mr. Bupawon is well linked to public administrators and policy makers, such as the Waste Water Management Authority of Thailand. For years, he has been the Representative Lawyer of the Egypt Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

Educational Background and Experiences

Mr. Dej Bupawon performed his law studies at the high reputable Chulalongkorn University, and became a Master of Political Science and Government Executive.


Our partner is specialized in civil and commercial law, IP law such as copyrights, patents and trademarks. On top, he is a well-recognized litigator at the International Trade and Intellectual Property Court of Thailand.