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Sanet Group

One-Stop-Service for Thailand and ASEAN

Sanet Group

One-Stop-Service for Thailand and ASEAN

Business Consultancy

One-Stop-Service – Consulting for every type of corporate situation

With their specialization in various types of companies and fields of business, the Sanet ASEAN-Advisors offer professional and reliable consulting to help take on all kinds of challenges companies face:

177 successfully completed projects

Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS use their decades of experiences to serve our client’s needs. The reputation of our consultants is characterizes by reliability, industry expertise, and entrepreneurial understanding. We obtained this reputation by accomplishing different projects with varying tasks scope of work.

Experienced German and Thai commercial attorneys in our legal office at “Sanet Legal Co. Ltd” will help you establish your company, find the right company structure, negotiate state investments and provide you with experienced consultation in matters of customs and taxation.

Our ASEAN Advisors at Sanet (Thailand) Co. Ltd. find the correct strategy for foreign investments, create comparative feasibility studies, determine the right location, and handle project management, including tender documents. They will find a suitable local partner for distribution as well as the right supplier for your procurement.

Under the name Sanet Trade & Services Co. Ltd., German and Thai engineers take care of distribution for technically sophisticated products in ASEAN countries. In Thailand, the company, which is licensed to import and export, provides the option of distribution via “business units”, with exclusive distribution engineers for every type of principal.

„Creating Careers“ is the motto for our team in recruitment consulting. It is especially important for companies with international clientele to be certain their employee search takes professional, linguistic and cultural factors into account to the greatest extent possible. This is why they trust the reliable process guaranteed by Sanet Recruiting.

“Denk IT GmbH“, which has 7 offices in Germany, provides consulting to German and international companies regarding all types of sustainable IT solutions. Our certified systems house also sets up connections between international subsidiary companies and the parent company.

Case Studies


The Initial Situation A European outsourcing company, which manufactured the products of a well-known brand for worldwide sales, faced a difficult task: The internationally operating, major customer expected the management to transfer production for the growing...


Initial Situation “SilkTulip” was a management buyout of the subsidiary of a German conglomerate. The company produced chemicals for the textile industry in Europe. There were important markets in the industry, especially in China. They promised...


Initial Situation Silkhair is a global leader in the world of body care from head to toe. In 2006, the company entered a new business segment. Through substantial investment in formulations, product development and customer service, a new brand and a full range for...

News & Press

ASIA BRIDGE February 2012: “China vs ASEAN”

For German companies, Asian engagement mainly represents entering the Chinese market. Interestingly enough, experts note that most of the German investors in China have not sent back home a single Euro yet. This factor, relevant as it might be, does not seem to play a...

Denk: “More dedication, please!”

The economic crisis has clearly been in the minds of entrepreneurs: Growth will be generated all over Asia in the future. Germans, in the past, were too hesitant in engaging with the ASEAN states. Download MORE_DEDICATION_PLEASE.PDF (119,92...

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