Investing in Thailand and Vietnam – Trust in our Experience

Professional planning is a must for achieving entrepreneurial succes in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Management decisions must be based on solid facts and experience as well as clear goals. The Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS assist in the development of business and sales plans for Thailand or Asia as a whole which are able to withstand the scrutiny from the various boards, companies and banks you will encounter.


 The Business Plan

The basis for building a professional business plan for Asia consists of clear motivations, goals and data. The plan must be structured so that the person making the decisions can fully understand it. Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS help you check your facts and the structure of your plan, also helping to make any improvements or upgrades as necessary.

After defining your motivations and goals, the next step is to develop a profile of your company’s particular situation as well as the prospects and risks for your planned activities in the target markets. We then use this profile to determine the measures and courses of action available to you, also discussing the pros and cons of each option.  To personalize your business plan, we include a list of your company‘s strengths as well as any existing weaknesses.

Once we have sat down and decided upon the optimal strategy for your company, we then develop a timetable together with a clear-cut plan of action, which will both serve as the basis for establishing a budget, a mid-range performance plan and a preview of the financial requirements.

At the conclusion of this process, we present the key decision-makers and stakeholders of your company with a concise and accurate “Executive Summary” of your business.

All business plans developed for Thailand and Asia by Sanet are rounded off with a clear presentation of our detailed overall report.


The Sales Plan

One way or another, every commercial success story in Thailand or Asia depends on whether one not one is able to attain their sales goals. “What do we want to sell to whom, and how many do we want to sell at what price?” We cannot even begin to establish a plan of action until we have answered these questions.  This is why sales plans devised with Sanet are never a mere reflection of your hopes and dreams.

Thanks to this systematic approach, the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS are the ideal partner for creating a sales plan. We know the workings of the Thai market as well as those of other important ASEAN nations, we know which distribution channels to go through, and we approach the situation in a realistic manner.

We work together with our client to provide them with plausible assessments to make sure that planning does not just become a matter of making erratic choices to deal with unforeseeable circumstances, instead coming up with solid basis for doing business.

Duty-free Export

ASEAN is a hub of free trade for 3.2 billion consumers. “Made in ASEAN” grants you duty-free access to China, India, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the 10 ASEAN member states with their 600 million consumers. We, the Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS, provide you with specialized instructions as to how to best create the “local content” needed for a certificate of origin in an ASEAN country. With this certificate in your hand, you will see customs barriers fall like nowhere else in the world.

The business plan we have drawn up with Sanet will have a strong impact on how we approach the markets of not only Southeast Asia, but also any other regions we may set our sights on in the future.

Elisabeth Vag

COO International Business at Tunap

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Production in Thailand and the ASEAN Member-States

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