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Case Study: “Fraud Detection” – Sales partners abroad can be shiftily

A German company highly specialized in synthetic materials has an average global market share of 14%. But in Thailand the market share hovers despite fair prices and fair margins for the local partner around 3%. The company’s management decided to assign Sanet to have a look at the partner.

Case Study: “High costs but no reward” – Restructuring in ASEAN

After more than 2 million Euro in losses over three years, a mid-sized client decided it was time for a systematic restructuring of their company. The management was determined to cut losses, hoping to finally be able to realize the profit potential offered by the ASEAN market.

Case Study: Legalization of Sales in Thailand

A European machine manufacturer entered the Thai market through the establishment of a Representative Office. The illegal sales activities quickly attracted the attention of competitors. Therefore, the company needed to find an appropriate legal structure for their successful, albeit illegal sales operations.

Case Study: A European OEM supplier moves closer to its clients in Asia

A European outsourcing company faces a difficult challenge: The company’s large international clients expect from the management to not longer produce in Europe but instead to establish a more cost-efficient production in Asia. It is time for the company to enter unknown terrain.

SilkTulip – challenging investment into a chemical factory

A European manufacturer of chemicals for the textile industry decides to move its production to Asia. But the personnel resources of the company do not allow to appoint an experienced, in-house project management. Therefore, an experienced and reliable on-site partner is required.


Initial Situation Silkhair is a global leader in the world of body care from head to toe. In 2006, the company entered a new business segment. Through substantial investment in formulations, product development and customer service, a new brand and a full range for...

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