Sanet conducts customized market studies for Thailand and the ASEAN region.

We help you to become familiar with the Thai market or the markets of ASEAN and their decision-makers, ensuring you understand how decisions are made so you can correctly calculate your own risks and opportunities on the market. Whether they are international corporations, “hidden champions” in highly technical fields or mid-sized enterprises, they all trust in the data our Sanet ASEAN ADVISORS provide to assist them in making the entrepreneurial decisions needed to sell their products in the vast markets of Southeast Asia successfully.

Here’s how we conduct your customized market analysis

Each study begins by getting together and agreeing upon a list of specifications. What markets and products will we dealing with? What do we need to know to calculate market size and prospects? How detailed do you need the results be, or what kind of practical overview are you hoping to obtain?

After answering these questions and other similar questions, we discuss what kind of expenses such a study would entail, also detailing the method we would use to find out what you need to know.

We conduct all our studies based on our tried-and-true system. All information is collected individually. We sample market operators, associations, consumers in potential target groups and often even our clients’ competitors. We then check our results again the public data gathered by our analysts.

Sanet provides more than just the numbers you need

Anyone having to deal with dozens of conversations with market operators should be wary of acting based on numbers alone, and that is why our consultants pay particular attention to the information between the lines. How are decisions made, i.e. are there any distributors, experts or public opinion makers influencing your customers’ decisions? We listen and pay careful attention, because each conversation teaches us more about the market.

It is for this reason that the “General Findings” phase of the process is especially important, which is where we disclose the specific market knowledge gained regarding your products. We also present you with some guidelines based on our experience about negotiating principles and the business culture of the market you are aiming for. And, of course, we provide you with reports regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Our goal: to help you make smart business decisions

At very end of the process, before compiling the finalized study, we discuss a set of specific plan of action for you to take. This is for you to use as the factual basis for all your business decisions.

Sanet used this approach to help one corporation develop its after-sales organization in four different countries in Southeast Asia. It is also how we cleared the way for manufacturers of German mineral water and hair products, as well as how we assisted another renowned corporation in including the ASEAN member states into its distribution network.

Production in Thailand and the ASEAN Member-States

Get in touch with us if you are planning an investment in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). We would be glad to come by for a non-binding preliminary briefing.