Decision When it comes to the final employment decision, of course, clients of our recruiting services in Bangkok and the EEC are the ones making the decision. Of course, we will gladly help to organize and moderate our client’s profound personal interview and consult on request. On request, our Bangkok based executive recruitment service will [...]

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Thorough Documentation and Comprehensive Reporting

Thorough Documentation and Comprehensive Reporting In our Executive Recruitment Report, we provide a comprehensive overview of our assessment criteria, as well as a sound and well-founded recommendation. Where most recruitment agencies in Thailand measure the success by “counting number” applicants submitted, Sanet prefers recommending only candidates having earned this privilege through mastering the challenging process [...]

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Two Face-to-Face Intercultural Interviews

Two Face-to-Face Intercultural Interviews The first intercultural interview is conducted in tandem by one Thai interviewer and one western interviewer. The western interviewer take turns assessing aptitude indicators based on the individual qualification questions prepared in advance. The Thai interviewer takes notes and evaluates the applicant’s behavior. Both interviewers then evaluate the applicant’s professional and [...]

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Phone Interview

Phone Interview During the phone interview, not only do we obtain any missing data from the applicants, we also gain a first impression of their communication and language abilities. Applicants who do not meet the basic criteria of our personnel search will be excluded from the further Sanet recruitment process.

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Evaluation Planning

Evaluation Planning Next, we prepare an individual interview plan including a customized questionnaire and an overview of personal professional characteristics. Our matching table, which we prepare following a ‘traffic light system’, provides a visual overview of the desired applicant’s traits defined by our clients. This guarantees a superior outcome of the Sanet recruitment service in [...]

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Search Requirements

Search Requirements Knowing exactly what you want helps us to do our job efficiently. Supported by a comprehensive questionnaire we determine in close cooperation with you the most important criteria for the applicants. We address questions such as: For which key tasks will applicants be responsible? What type of professional qualifications are required? Which scales [...]

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