Case Study: A European OEM supplier moves closer to its clients in Asia

A European outsourcing company faces a difficult challenge: The company’s large international clients expect from the management to not longer produce in Europe but instead to establish a more cost-efficient production in Asia. It is time for the company to enter unknown terrain.

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Initial Situation Silkhair is a global leader in the world of body care from head to toe. In 2006, the company entered a new business segment. Through substantial investment in formulations, product development and customer service, a new brand and a full range for hair stylists and upscale hair salons was developed. The range, exclusively [...]

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Initial Situation A German mechanical engineering company had a 75% interest in a joint venture in Thailand . A Thai partner, which also managed day-to-day operations, had a 25% stake. The German parent company did not spend much time worrying about its Thai subsidiary. The sales figures were not bad enough to draw the attention [...]

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