Medical Technology: Great Market Opportunities in Thailand

The Thai medical device market provides with a total market volume of 1.6 billion Euro and an annual growth rate of 10% in particular SMEs great and long-term sales potentials. Sanet helps medical device companies to get “in on the action” in Thailand.

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Internationalization: “The Sanet Hedging Strategy for Investments in Asia”

That the Asian economic area is likely the most lasting growth market for the next decades is well known among export-oriented companies. It is conspicuous that especially German SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) put "Asia" on the same level with "China". Unlike the former colonial power states of France, England and the Netherlands, established bonds [...]

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ASIA BRIDGE February 2012: “China vs ASEAN”

For German companies, Asian engagement mainly represents entering the Chinese market. Interestingly enough, experts note that most of the German investors in China have not sent back home a single Euro yet. This factor, relevant as it might be, does not seem to play a relevant role in the location selection for the Asiatic economic [...]

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Denk: “More dedication, please!”

The economic crisis has clearly been in the minds of entrepreneurs: Growth will be generated all over Asia in the future. Germans, in the past, were too hesitant in engaging with the ASEAN states. Download MORE_DEDICATION_PLEASE.PDF (119,92 KBYTES)

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Denk: “For good relations”

It's not exactly a rare occurrence that German companies get quite surprised when their sales efforts in Asia end up in disappointment: success eludes them and the reasons for this remain concealed. And in most cases, the decisive factors accounting for the success or failure of companies in this region are just a few small [...]

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