Dr. Gunter Denk – Expert Profile and List of Publications

Dr. Gunter Denk, founder and president of Sanet, is an expert who has a wealth of experience in Asia, and he is the author of numerous books and articles. He is in great demand as a consultant, speaker and expert on Asia, not only from boards of directors, associations and other organizations, but also as a speaker at events connected with Asia.

Dr. Gunter Denk is a businessman who has more than 25 years’ experience in management at an internationally active medium-sized company, and, most recently, as a Director of a Chinese company listed in Hong Kong with 11,000 employees. Denk is author of the widely acclaimed Books “Asia for the SME – Strategies without Illusions” and “Asia for Professionals”. He is furthermore a dedicated lecturer on Asian business culture.

In 2004 he decided to turn the focus of the operational and legal experience he gained in Western companies to Asian internationalisation. To start with, he set up industrial consulting houses in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Germany, filling these with practically minded marketing and technology experts for the company’s customers.

As SANET ASEAN ADVISORS, the company has focused on ASEAN countries since 2011. Based in offices in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta and Rangoon, today the consulting group numbers around 40 experts, all providing assistance with Asia’s unique corporate situation. The focal points include, inter alia, foreign investments, market entry strategies, restructuring, and supplier localisation, along with the practical sales of technically demanding products.

Key Note Speeches and Panel Discussions featuring Gunter Denk

Rotary Club Bangkok DACH „The AEC in Theory and practice – an Economic Union or just a political show?”
Bangkok, 16. Mai 2018
„How China Thinks?“ Business Culture, Economy and its Impact on Europe
Nienburg Weser, 8. Januar 2016
German Centre
How to expand sales presence from Singapore Headquarter through a legal sales representation in Thailand or Vietnam for reasonable cost
Singapore, December 3rd, 2015
ASEAN Automotive
Supplier Conference
The Macro Economic Conditions of the ASEAN Common Market-Production Hub for Asia
Stuttgart, November 24 2015
Wirtschaftsrat Fulda “Economic Region AEC – an Alternative to China“,
Fulda, April 20th, 2015
Bayern goes ASEAN With „BAYERN goes ASEAN“ the Thai European Business Association (TEBA) and Sanet Industrial Consultants from Southeast Asia offer from the 16th until the 18th of September 2014 in the Atrium Park Hotel in Regensburg intensive information about key industries, market entry and investment opportunities in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.
September, 2014
Joint Chambers Laos
Seminar and Panel Discussion AMCHAM, ANZBA und eccil „AEC and its practical Implications on doing business in ASEAN”
Vientiane October 14th, 2013.
AMK Köln
Working Group Modern Kitchen
„ASEAN – Ten Boutique Countries on their Way to Economic Power!“
Key Note Presentation of the Southeast Asian conference of the Working Group Modern Kitchen on June 20th, 2013
IHK Chemnitz
Workshop of IHK Chemnitz – Regional Office Zwickau
„ACFTA and AEC – Opportunities and Risks for German Mid-Sized Companies in Asian Markets“
Zwickau, April 30th, 2013
IHK Fulda
Seminar on Asia of IHK Fulda
“Asia of the Regions – China and the Little Tigers – The Right Strategy for Asia“
Fulda, April 23rd, 2013
Bangkok Entrepreneurs
Networking Event of Bangkok Entrepreneurs
“ASEAN Economic Community – A Vision becomes True“
Bangkok, February 18th, 2013
GIZ Laos
Seminar of GIZ Laos for Ministry Officials and Chambers of Commerce
“Implications, opportunities and risks of the ASEAN Community for Lao enterprises”.
Vientiane 6. – 7. Dezember 2012
German Asian Business
Circle (DAW)
„A New Hedging-Strategy for Investments in Asia“
October, 2012
Markt & Mittelstand
Webinar of Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitungsgruppe
„Markets for the Mittelstand – The Right Way to Asia“
September, 2012
China-Forum Bayern
Breakfast-Club in Trades Club Munich
“The Market of 2 Billion – China meets ASEAN”
September, 2012
VOLZ – Group
Management Training
„Asia of the Regions“ – Business Culture and Market Structures
February, 2012
Rösler Oberflächentechnik
In-House Intercultural Training
„Cultural Intelligence – The Foundation of Business Success in Asia“
October, 2011
KB-Lectures; Expert Dialogue
„An Oak in a Bamboo Forest – Cultural Intelligence as a Path to Success in China“
October, 2011
Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft (VMW)
C’M’S Law Office Frankfurt
„The Global Mittelstand – Exports are Outdated. Today Presence is Crucial“
January, 2011
Volksbank Central Hesse
Day of Foreign Trade
“Business Risks in Asia – Strategy Development“
Gießen, 2009
IHK Verbund Mitteldeutschland
Central German Export Conference
„The Seven Deadly Sins in Developing a Strategy for Asia.“
Halle, 2009
„The Economical and Political Situation in Thailand“
Frankfurt, 2009
DAW East Germany
Fireside Chat
„ASEAN – An Economic Union in a democracy-free Region“
Erfurt, 2009
China Forum Bavaria
Breakfast Club
„Low-Wage Countries: Are companies going to dismiss China?”
Munich, 2008
Oskar Lapp Foundation
„The Risk of Infarct! China and India are Awakening. Does Germany Even Stand a Chance? “
73. Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society. Podium with Hans Fehrenbach (Bosch), Günter Eder (Journalist), Dr. Axel Nitschke (DIHT),
Stuttgart, 2008
9th German Technology and Symposium & Exhibition
“Selling in Thailand – about Know-how and Know-who!”
Bangkok Centara Grand, 2008
Moore Stephens East Europe
“Opportunities and Mistakes in doing Business in Asia“
Wien, 2007
Warwick Legal Network
Annual European Meeting
„Asia for SME Business – Legal and Cultural Environment.”
Madrid, 2007
Moore Stephens Europa
Annual Meeting
“There are good reasons for entering the Asian market – And good reasons not to do it!“
Wuppertal, 2007
4th International Forum “Thailand Environment”
„Experiences in doing business in Thailand“
Augsburg, 2007
Central Hesse Chambers
„ASEAN – Growing Markets in Southeast Asia“
Gießen, 2007
China Forum Bavaria
„Book Launch: Asia for the Mittelstand – Strategies Instead of Illusions!”
Munich, 2007

Publications and press releases of Gunter Denk

ASIA BRIDGE “Cheap is not everything”
A comparison of the labour market between China and ASEAN.
October 2016
How to sell successfully on the world’s biggest growth market – Southeast Asia
November 2015
ASEAN INTERN “ASEAN Sales: Central Leadership and Local Presence”
September 2015
ASEAN INTERN `The business unit` as a low-cost entry into the ASEAN markets.
Description of how to establish a presence in Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia.
February 23rd, 2015
ASEAN INTERN “Thailand – the Hong Kong of Southeast Asia?” The Board of Investment (BOI) lowered the general corporate tax.
April 21st, 2015
ASIA BRIDGE “A city is growing beyond itself.” New investments in major infrastructure projects are planned to expand and enrich Bangkok.
April, 2015
Nachrichten für Außenhandel „Custom Laws: Local Content as the Key to ASEAN Free Trade Paradise“
7. Oktober 2013
ASIA BRIDGE „Local Content – The Key To The Customs Union“
Description of the requirements for duty free trade within the Asian markets
October, 2013
DIE WELT „It saves time and costs“
Interview of „Die Welt“-Author Pauline Krebs with German Asia consultant Dr. Gunter Denk on investments of the German Mittelstand in Asia.
April 11th, 2013
DIE WELT „The Mittelstand eyes Global Markets”
DIE WELT-Author Michael Posch writes with references to Sanet-Consultant Gunter Denk and the BVMW about the importance of Asia for the German Mittelstand.
April 4th, 2013
Markt & Mittelstand „ASEAN as a Manufacturing Base“
Supporting Outline for Stefanie Senfter
February, 2013
Asia Bridge „Spreading Risks in a United Market“
On Location Strategies for ASEAN and China
February, 2013
Markt & Mittelstand „Utilizing Market Potentials in the ASEAN countries“
Interview in the online edition of the FAZ News Group (Business Magazin)
January, 2013
DAW Newsletter „Thank you, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan!“
Report from Dr. Gunter Denk, ASEAN-Coordinator of the German-Asian Business Forum on the ending term of the ASEAN General Secretary,
January, 2013
ASEAN+China NEWS “The new Hedging-Strategy for the internationalization in Asia”
December, 2012
Thaizeit „CAFTA: The Cards are being reshuffled“
November, 2012
Markt & Mittelstand „Wie finde ich Mitarbeiter in Asien“
Interview in der Wirtschaftszeitung der FAZ-Gruppe
August 2011
Asia Bridge „China versus ASEAN“
Press report in the Asia Bridge business magazine
February, 2012
Markt & Mittelstand „How to find the right Partner in Asia“
October, 2011
Markt & Mittelstand „How to find employees in Asia“
Interview in the business magazine of the FAZ-Group
August, 2011
Asia Bridge “More Pros than Cons”
Thailand Special
September, 2011
Asia Bridge „High Tech Paves the Way for Subsidies“
Asia Bridge Interview
June, 2011
Handelsblatt Online „How to Behave in Asia“
Handelsblatt Online, Main Topic: Asia
April, 2011
Handelsblatt Online „Asians can’t be paid by hopes“
Handelsblatt Advisor
April, 2011
Handelsblatt Online „Cheap buying turns out expensive“
Procurement Concepts for Asia
April, 2011
Handelsblatt Online „How Mittelstand companies succeed in Asia“
Expanding Business to Asia
April, 2011
ASIA BRIDGE „China’s influence on Southeast Asia via the program of the Greater Mekong Subdistrict (GMS)“
Bruesseler/Denk, March 2011
TEXTBOOK „Asia for Professionals – Strategies for Global Mid-Sized Companies“
HANSER, Munich
Mach, 2011
DAW-News (Asia Bridge) „Does ASEAN Have a Future?“
Asia News
Bruesseler/Denk, February 2011
Asia Bridge „Power Play: Thailand vs. Vietnam”
May, 2010
IHK-Wiesbaden „A Journey to New Suppliers“-
Tips and Recommendations about sourcing in Asia; Chamber
Magazine, May 2010
ASIA BRIDGE „More Commitment Please!“-
On investments of German companies in Southeast Asia.
December 2009
Hessische Wirtschaft „A Journey to New Suppliers“ –
Recommendations for searching suppliers in Asia
December2009/January 2010 – Edition
ASIA BRIDGE „How to build up good Relationships!” (Auf gute Beziehungen!“)
Sales- and marketing concepts for Asia
October 2009
ASIA BRIDGE „One Vision, One Identity Vision, One Community“
On the opportunities of the new ASEAN-charter
Frankfurt, Edition 2/2009
DAW Magazine „The Lemmings are confused“, „On Corruption and the German Nature” , and „Forecasts“
News of the German Asian Business Forum
ASIA BRIDGE „Industriepark oder grüne Wiese – Kriterien der Standortwahl in Thailand“
Asia Vision Verlag Frankfurt, June 2009
Sanet Press-Release „Kriege um fossile Energien sind altmodisch“
Denk/Kramolisch, 2008
Rheinischer Merkur „Beware corrupt civil servants“
About risks for German Investors in Far East, 2007
TEXT BOOK „Asia for SME – Strategies without Illusions“
374 Pages, OLZOG Munich, 2007

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