Investment Consulting in Thailand and ASEAN

As a Thai-German law firm, Sanet Legal in Bangkok offers comprehensive advice to inform our clients about the extensive tax and customs investment incentives in Thailand. Of course, our legal advice also includes support of our clients’ investment promotion applications.

Promotion from Board of Investment (BOI)

Thailand offers large tax and other incentives for investments. Investment incentives depends largely on the type of planned “Activity” and special “Merits”. The activities are classified into numerous industries and technologies, the merits refer, for instance, to training or R&D activities. It requires competence in management consultancy and legal advice, for example in order to achieve years of tax exemption and the remission of customs duties.

Incentives for Manufacturing Companies

Sanet Investment Consulting in Thailand focuses on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Whoever fulfills the conditions of the BOI Policy can be exempted from tax for up to 8 years completely and a further 5 years in half. Customs duties on components, machinery and equipment can be waived. As a Thai-German business and law consultant in Thailand, Sanet has assisted numerous investment projects, for example from Germany and Switzerland, but also from other European countries and overseas.

The TISO – door opener for service and marketing

Even though it is prohibited by law for foreigners to provide services or to trade goods in Thailand, Sanet together with you will find the right way to support your sales legally.

For example, the BOI with its Trade & Investment Service Office (TISO) offers the possibility to support the parent company technically and in marketing. The TISO can also arrange orders and monitor their processing. Even wholesale trade can be conducted to a certain extent. TISO also enables land ownership.

The basic conditions include 3 million Thai Baht paid-in capital and THB 10 million annual costs.

It is also possible to apply for a Foreign Business License (FBL) from the Department of Business Development or to enjoy special forms of support through the BOI like the International Business Center (IBC) or the establishment of IT-, tourism- or special engineering services.

Sanet’s specialist lawyers will find the ideal set-up for you too.

Thailand and ASEAN as Free Trade-Hubs

With the right concept and competent business and legal advice, Thailand is the ideal manufacturing base worldwide. Here is how it works:

  • Applying for Investment Promotion in Thailand
  • Importing machines, equipment and components duty-free
  • Produce cost-effective with well-trained employees
  • Receive tax relief for up to 8 years
  • Export duty-free under Thailand’s nine free trade agreements (including with China, India, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand)

Sanet lawyers and Management Consultants in Bangkok point the way.

Watch Now- Company Establishment For SGF By Sanet

Without Sanet’s excellent networking with local authorities, banks, suppliers and industrial parks, SGF would not have experienced such a smooth project flow of our foreign Direct Investment in Thailand

Michael Weikert,

Managing Director Suddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik