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Management Levels

Financial Director

ML015 | 25 Years of Experience

  • Preferred Position: Financial Director, CFO
  • Preferred Region: Asia Pacific
  • Field of Experiences: Financial Advisory
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Education: MBA – Accounting, Finance, & Corporate Tax

Executive Consultant

ML016 | 35 Years of Experience

    • Preferred Position: Executive, Independent Consultant
    • Preferred Region: Asia
    • Field of Experiences: Auto Ancillary
    • Nationality: India
    • Education: MBA


Principal Consultant

ML019 | 25 Years of Experience

    • Preferred Position: Principal Consultant
    • Preferred Region: Thailand
    • Field of Experiences: Software Quality, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation
    • Nationality: German
    • Education: MBA


Sales Managers

Technical Experts

Tourism Supervisor

TE011 | 12 Years of Experience

  • Preferred Position: Tourism Supervisor
  • Preferred Region: Southeast Asia
  • Field of Experiences: Travel & Tourism
  • Nationality: Sri Lanka
  • Education: Int’l Dip. in Computer Studies

Head of Operations

TE014 | 18 Years of Experience

  • Preferred Position: Head of Operations
  • Preferred Region: Europe, Asia Pacific
  • Field of Experiences: Forging, CNC Machinery
  • Nationality: Austria
  • Education: Mechanical Engineering (EQR 6 “BA”)