Thailand has its Comprehensive Labor Protection Law

The Labor Department pays strict attention to the protection of workers. Every company must publish “Labor Rules” every year. Working hours, maternity leave and termination are strictly regulated. Work permits for foreigners are subject to conditions and requirements. Sanet Legal also offers competent legal advice on labor law in Thailand.

Sneha Chawla

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Labor Law

Sanet Senior Partner Sneha Chawla advises on all labor law issues, such as the rights of termination, severance pay and employee rights. Our Bangkok law-firm drafts tailor-made employment contracts and binding working guidelines (“Labor Regulation”). Also with Recruitment the lawyer of Sanet Legal supports the negotiations expertly.

Immigration Law

Thailand issues numerous forms of visas, which allow different activities. A “wrong” visa easily leads to expulsion or fines. Work permits are also subject to strict conditions; in some cases, high capital contributions and the employment of up to four Thai employees for each foreigner are required. Reporting obligations and deadlines must be observed. As a Thai-German law firm in Bangkok, we are always familiar with the changed legal situation and provide reliable advice to our clients.


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