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Entrepreneurs talk about two kinds of lawyers: “Deal Makers“ and “Deal Breakers“. At Sanet Legal, we see ourselves as „Deal Makers“. Our business lawyers in Thailand make your plans come true.

Sanet Legal Ltd. is the German-Thai law firm of the Sanet Group of ASEAN ADVISORS, which offers comprehensive legal services and eases doing business in Thailand. We do our utmost to make entrepreneurial decisions become legally implementable instead of being the naysayer who stands in their way.

Therefore, it is our mission to show the legal path necessary for companies and entrepreneurs in Thailand in order to achieve their various goals. We use our in-depth legal knowledge, strong connections to local authorities and entrepreneurial understanding to make it happen. Once a strategy for internationalization has been drawn up and a feasibility study and location evaluation have been carried out in kind, it usually means it is time to turn to the legal experts in order to commence with the legal implementation of these plans.This is where Sanet Legal comes in. Their specialty is combining in-depth knowledge of Thai law with their networking abilities amongst Thai authorities, familiarity with German corporate law, an entrepreneurial perspective and Thai cultural knowledge.

Our Mandates

We give legal advice to our clients from Germany, Thailand, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. Of course, besides our focus on investment consulting, Sanet Legal is a permanent advisor to business managers in all legal questions being raised in special entrepreneurial situations, such as dealing with authorities and government agencies, and – of it comes to this – litigation.

With his 25 years of decision-making experience on company boards within companies in Germany, China and Southeast Asia, the German attorney-at-law and founder of Sanet, Dr. Gunter Denk is lawyer you can count on with extensive knowledge about investment and company law in Thailand. Standing at his side in service of the Sanet law firm is  Patra Bopawon LL.M, a highly skilled lawyer trained in both Thailand and the UK.

Sanet helped us with the smooth establishment of Jetabroad (Thailand) for software development in Thailand. Sanet Legal Ltd. guided us through the BOI investment promotions. This allowed us to get the right foreign staff to help building up and training the local team.

Benjamin Ranck

Chief Technology Officer of JETABROAD Thailand


Get in touch with us for expert advice on every aspect of establishing a company, consultancy on structures, investment promotion, work permits and visas, and the right legal structure for your establishment plans.

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