If a dispute ends in court trial, you will need experienced litigators. Sanet has the right lawyer here too in Thailand

Litigation is not always avoidable in business. Conflicts can never be excluded, not only in commercial business, but also in administrative and criminal perspectives. In Asia in particular, success depends largely on the lawyer’s negotiating skills and litigation experience. Sanet Legal Ltd. has experienced litigators for all areas of law in Bangkok/Thailand.

Dej Bupawon

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Suthep Viraarchakul

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Civil law, Patent and Trademark Law, Administrative Law

Those who take part in business life must expect disputes, which ultimately cannot always be settled by mutual agreement. In addition to good advice, the right process tactics are also important. In addition to our Thai-German attorneys, there are two particularly experienced litigators who support our clients.

Criminal Law

Environmental laws, safety regulation and immigration law are just a few of the topics in which one can certainly run the risk of criminal investigations against company managers. Even a few days of arrest mean a more than burdensome situation not only for foreigners. The Sanet lawyer Sawake Kornkasem is considered one of Thailand’s most experienced defence lawyers.

Sawake Kornkasem

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“Plan your work and work your plan!” We develop the right strategy for your plans in asia.