Experienced German and Thai-US attorneys cover the whole range of legal matters in all business situations

The partners of the legal office Sanet Legal in Bangkok are commercial lawyers mit decades of experience in commercial law. They bring in-depth knowledge of common law in the US, which is becoming more and more important in the global economy, as well as a deep understanding of the civil code used in Thailand, which is based on the logic-oriented legal system of the Romans, together into one team. Both types of systems are equally important when it comes to the commercial culture of Asia.

The combination of Dr. Denk, who holds an official judgeship as well as years of entrepreneurial experience as a board member of German and Chinese companies, and the Thai legal expert Tanva, who studied law in both Thailand and the US and has commercial experience in the market of his home country, which is heavily influenced by the Japanese, makes Sanet an ideal consulting partner for comprehensive advice.

Tanva Mahitivanichcha

Mr. Tanva received his JD from the George Washington University Law School in the USA, after which he then got his (M?)BA from Cornell University. The LLM candidate at Thammasat University in Bangkok is fluent in English, Mandarin and Thai.

Tanva began his career with a job at a law firm in Washington D.C. specialized in the arbitration proceedings of the US Court of International Trade and the International Trade Commissions regarding international trade.

After that, he became a consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Thailand. There he worked primarily in the fields of customs law, classification law, trade agreements, investment law and tax structuring.

He was then able to put his acquired skills to use at cooperatively structured offices in Bangkok, Tokyo and Osaka, which specialized in Japanese corporate investments in the automotive, chemical, pharmacological, food and beverage, and electronic industries.

Tanva Mahitivanichcha, who is the current speaker and seminar leader for management training in the Thai Federation of Industries (TFI), as well as a member of the TFI’s legal tax committee and its committee for customs and free trade, equips Sanet Legal with the skills of an internationally renowned lawyer who can answer any important questions you may have regarding commercial and corporate law.

By working with Sanet Legal, his knowledge about dominant investment activities in Thailand and his networking ability within the Thai legal system are now also available to western investors in Thailand.

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E-Mail: tanva@sanet-legal.com

Dr. Gunter Denk

Dr. Denk received his doctorate in both canonical and civil law from the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg (Bavaria), where he also passed his first state examination with the grade of “good”. After finishing his training to become a legal clerk in Hessen, he then completed the second state examination.

In 1982, after three years of working as a legal consultant, he overtake the reigns of a client’s MSE. His second degree, this time in business administration, helped him to develop his company to a leader on the European market with foreign subsidiaries in Austria, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic.

In the 90s, the company cooperated with corporations and trade interests in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. This internationalization led to a fusion with a Chinese company on the stock exchange in 1999, which he ran as vice CEO and executive manager until he founded the Sanet Group in 2004, which today is one of the most successful consulting firms in Southeast Asia.

The commercial law expert has comprehensive experience in corporate, labor and investment law. Denk especially stands out due to his corporate approach to solving legal challenges. He is the author of two highly acclaimed reference books and numerous publications in business journals. He has appeared on many occasions as a key note speaker for law societies, international auditing societies, industrial associations and banks and he is well-recognized for his expertise pertaining to trade in Asia.

Mobile: +66 81 911 7677
E-Mail: gunter.denk@sanet-legal.com