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Reliable German-Thai recruitment service for international companies in Thailand

Focused at cross cultural and middle management positions for international SMEs and companies with business targets in Thailand, Sanet (Thailand) Co., Ltd. offers with its service Sanet CREATING CAREERS international companies in Thailand a trusted and reliable recruiting process.


  • Specialized recruitment for cross-cultural management positions 
  • Advise and close collaboration on the definition of job requirements
  • Cross-cultural evaluation through local and international interviewers
  • Strict quality controls and a comprehensive evaluation process
  • Proposal and advice for remuneration and allowances
  • Support of labor contracts

As the recruitment of loyal and skilled staff remains to be a great challenge for international companies in Thailand, the German-Thai recruitment team of Sanet CREATING CAREERS  is helping an ever-growing number of Thailand-based international SMEs in finding, screening, choosing and connecting with the most suitable professionals for long-term employment and loyal collaboration.

Key to our recruitment service is taking the necessary time to build strong relationships with clients and in the process gain a sound understanding of their business, culture and recruitment needs.

The Preparations

Together with you we draft the requirements profile for your personnel, defining the tasks and expected skills, not forgetting special local requirements. We advise you on salary structures, benefits and taxation aspects and then advertise vacancies with a job description, which will be attractive to local applicants.

The Decision

We take the decision together. We organize appointments with applicants, create the right atmosphere and suggest key questions for interviews. We then go on to prepare the financial decisions and draft the contract of employment. At the end of the process, we advise you on taking the right personnel decision, which you yourself take.

Promise of Fair Play

We are fair to our customers and industrial contacts. Therefore, our fee is based predominantly on success, and this also applies if occasionally our joint decision turns out not to be the right one. As a result the success fee remains valid for a period of three further months, in case a replacement has to be found.

In Asia the key to success in my opinion is corporate culture. The workforce shapes and represents this culture. In the case of our business unit in Thailand, I took the recruitment decisions together with Sanet. They have proved themselves to be successful, even today after many years.

Roland Ritter

Director Asia Pacific at Kraiburg TPE Asia Pacific


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