“Export is a thing of the past. The future lies in presence“

Consulting alone is not enough in today’s business world. We also want to have a part in our client’s success. For this to be possible in Thailand and the Asian Pacific region, it is essential to establish a presence and it is for this reason that we have integrated Sanet Trade and Services into our group to actively take on the responsibility of sales and distribution for international MSE’s.

Technical Representation

Being the holder of a number of import licenses, Sanet Trade & Services is the right choice as a partner for the distribution of your highly technical products. A local technical distribution team is responsible for sales, while our German partner guides your vendors and supports project transactions.

Ways to Establish Presence

The days of visiting your clients in Thailand or elsewhere in Southeast Asia just two or three times in order to do business are over. Today, presence is what counts Sanet Trade & Services offers three different paths to establishing presence: a classic Thai trade house, local key account management, or your own “man on the ground”, in the form of a Sanet Business Unit.

What we have to offer is a modern and extremely flexible method for becoming established in the region. We calculate with fair margins to avoid creating any roadblocks to successful sales. We also offer an attractive pricing scheme which lies somewhere in the middle between fixed and performance-based compensation.

Our Sales Teams

The team at Sanet Trade  Service is composed of approximately 20 regional sales managers, business development managers and sales engineers, who all are dedicated to taking care of our clients’ needs in  Thailand. Whether for chemical products, mechanical engineering, electronics or even railway technology, our sales team in Thailand led by engineering experts is extremely well connected in all of these fields and is able to use these interdisciplinary connections to optimize the outcome for your company.

We herewith recommend Dr. Denk and Sanet without hesitation to all companies who want to start the step into the Far East market for the first time, but also to all companies with already existing contacts.

Dr. Manfred Ziegler, CEO

Egon Schindler Holding GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs KG

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