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Sanet consulting expertise in Southeast Asia

You know your own products, we know the markets in Southeast Asia. Sanet employs only highly qualified staff from all areas: merchants, lawyers and engineers. Sure you will find the right contact for your concern. Decades of business experience in Asia is the unifying element of Sanets management team. We like to share our knowledge and help you across all sectors to avoid errors and save valuable time in entering the market in Southeast Asia.

Automotive Thailand

Motor vehicles have been produced in Southeast Asia for decades. More than 4 million cars and commercial vehicles leave production plants in Thailand, Indonesia, and …

Railway Technology

For decades, the railways in Southeast Asia have been thought of as the transport of the century before last. Many lines dated back to colonial times, and transport …

Medicine & Pharmaceutics

These catchwords summarise what is important in the assembly of disposable medical products. Our client R+E Automation specialises in the development …

Production Technology

Increasing pressure to cut costs is forcing companies into rationalisation and production of higher-value goods. Without the necessary expertise in manufacturing …

Injection Molding & Tool Making

Tools are often costly made-to-order products, whose production requires a lot of expertise. In Southeast Asia there was a focus on mass production for a long time …

Technical Services Thailand

Years of continued rapid growth of industrial production in ASEAN has presented the companies located here with new challenges. There is a need for intelligent …

Key Accounting

Be present. Presence is the secret to successful sales management. Sales partners, distributors and agencies want to be managed punctually, constantly, and …

Our process

Step 1: Workshop

Our collaboration with you almost always begins with a one to two day workshop, ideally on-site at your company.


Your company, your products

In the first step we need to get to know you, your company, and your products. Only if we understand you can we make the right decisions.

Market and competition

Your “best practice” experience helps us understand how we can prepare for your success. We want to place your USP ACTIVELY ONTO the market, but also to prepare ourselves for the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Business culture and law

Globalisation has its drawbacks. In the workshop, we will first give insights into how your new target market “works” and what barriers from the business culture or the legal system we will face together.

The specification

We agree on concrete goals and tasks for our collaboration. These will be measured. We define what your ideal sales structure will look like. And work towards that.

The process

Finally, we define the process step by step together so that you will always have a clear view of progress during the joint project. In addition, we always remain in communication.

Step 2: Development of Strategy

Based on the results of the joint workshop, Sanet develops an individual strategy for entry of your business into the market in Southeast Asia.

Step 3: Implementation

Finally we need action. We assume responsibility for implementation. If in the process it becomes necessary to revise the planned strategy we remain flexible, and of course any changes will be decided together with you.

We are here to provide crucial assistance to Western companies entering the market in Southeast Asia.

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