Complex technical products and processes are the main strengths of Sanet Trade & Services.

Years of continued rapid growth of industrial production in ASEAN has presented the companies located here with new challenges. There is a need for intelligent, market-oriented solutions. Therefore, the decisive factor to success is having a local presence with a distribution partner who not only possesses precise knowledge about local conditions and the international business environment, but also has the necessary technical expertise. Only those who understand sophisticated technical systems, relationships and processes can do this successfully. This is exactly what Sanet Trade & Services Co., Ltd. specialises in.

Technical expertise

A quality technical sales team is of vital importance. Customers in Asia need to be able to understand why spending more is worthwhile.

Feasibility studies

Technical reviews of production facilities and joint ventures in the region complement market studies to demonstrate their cost-effectiveness and feasibility.

Market knowledge

For a long time, higher cost pressures and labour shortages have forced companies in Southeast Asia to increase the automation of their production facilities and further localise the value chain. Intelligent, market-oriented solutions are needed.


We are here to help Western companies enter the Southeast Asia markets.