Two Face-to-Face Intercultural Interviews

The first intercultural interview is conducted in tandem by one Thai interviewer and one western interviewer. The western interviewer take turns assessing aptitude indicators based on the individual qualification questions prepared in advance. The Thai interviewer takes notes and evaluates the applicant’s behavior.

Both interviewers then evaluate the applicant’s professional and intercultural aptitude and grade them according to Sanet’s scoring. Jointly they decide if the candidate becomes short-listed.

In the Second Management Interview, Sanet Executives will assess the candidate from the point of view of a senior manager. In the course of this interview, candidates may confirm or even improve the previous impression. However, candidates may not cope with the different interview atmosphere and – mainly applying for management positions – even disqualify themselves from an introduction to the Sanet recruitment client.

As a result, this Management Interview ensures that only the most qualified and suitable candidates pass the Sanet recruiting process.